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Where We Work

We run 8 centers in the state of Gujarat with a placement rate of nearly 90%. We conduct short-term courses of 3 months duration focusing on young men and women. The model is based on strategic linkages in the industry and youth counseling, and focuses mainly on hands-on skills training which form 70% of the pedagogy. Courses include electronic assembly, refrigerator and air-conditioner repair, wireman-cum-home appliances repair, sewing machine operator, fashion designing, apparel designing, hospitality management, retail management and MS Office.

We identify and work mostly with socially and economically deprived youth in both rural and urban areas. Our trainers and counsellors tour such areas, meet with prospects, talk to them about their interest and skills, explain our programs in details and distribute our pamphlets.

We also conduct a basic skill assessment test before offering admission to applicants since a certain level of skill and interest is imperative to complete the course successfully and find employment, especially for courses like apparel design and fashion design.

For those interested in setting up their own enterprises within or close to their homes, we also provide guidance and mentoring support to set up micro-enterprises. We have supported x number of such youth (primarily women) to set up successful micro-enterprises especially in the fields of beauty, electrical service and construction.

Our vocational training programs have helped more than 40,000 youth across the state improve general employability skills as well as industry specific trades. We have also developed strategic partnerships with a number of employers to offer entry-level jobs to our beneficiaries.