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Fashion designing
This is our flagship course covered five broad topics namely- the origin of clothing, the theory of clothing according to adaptation to climate and weather, specialized requirements of teenagers for casual wear, clothing for pregnant women and traditional garments worn in different states of India.

On completion of the course, the student would be able to interact with the customer, understandtheir requirements, create designs, offer the most suitable material, suggest accessories and jewellery and finally create the apparel/accessories.

Wireman cum Home Appliances
This course covers a broad range of topics and upon completion, the trainees are able to observe all the safety measures while working, complete house wiring, prepare a heating element for a heater as required, replace the old element for a heater, kettle, non-automatic electronic iron, room heaters etc., with a new one. They are also trained to dismantle and reassemble home appliances such as electric irons,tubelight, geyser, water heaters, table fans, room heaters, toasters, hair dryers etc., install a ceiling fan

TV Repairing
This course equips the trainees with complete set of skills required to repair a television with any kind of defects. Upon successful completion of the course the candidates are be able to use hand tools used for servicing the electronic test equipment, service the television, clean switches and check power cords. They are also trained to operate and repair electronic equipment such as analogmulti-meter, digital multi-meter, function generator, signal generator and oscilloscope.

Mobile Repairing
All beneficiaries are trained to repair all types of 2G and 3G cell phone and also download various add-on software, ring tones, wall papers, etc., on non-multimedia and multimedia handsets, hence preparing them fully to repair a faulty unit and/or set-up a new mobile phone.

Electronic Assembly
This course teaches the beneficiaries how to maintain and repair a power supply, inverter and UPS, install and repair washing machine, microwaves, steam irons, electric kettles and mixer grinders. They are also trained to assemble parts of a mini-dish and install it from scratch at customer premises, guide the customers to operate the DTH systems installed in their residence. Like all other courses, they are also given tips on how to properly interact with the customer and provide excellent service experience.

Electronic GadgetRepair
On successful completion, students become competent in maintenance and troubleshooting of single-phase motors, general maintenance procedures and tests that should be conducted on the main parts, identifying the motor leads that are tagged or colour coded according to the standardized colour codes, trouble shooting capacitor. They are also able to determine which of the specific parts to check when the motor fails to start, identify the symptoms of trouble in universal motors and repair electrical gadgets such as hand drilling machines, marble cutters, heavy duty mini grinders, heavy duty cutters and portable cut-off saws. Special instructions are provided to ascertain use of safety measures at all times.

Sewing Machine Operator
This course is essentially a basic course in sewing, covering stitching and sewing, fabrics, techniques, measurements, patterns and cuts. The students are also taught about the sewing machine- the maintenance, types and safety precautions. After successful completion, the trainees can stich a very wide range of men’s, women’s and kids clothes from scratch. They can also set-up a micro stitching business at their own house

Beauty Assistance
The course curriculum includes all essential services provided in abeauty salon. Specific skills imparted include but are not limited to – threading, waxing, hair styling, haircut, skin care and treatment, hair care, nail art etc. After completion of the course students are able either to open their own salon or start working at other salons.

Sales & Retail Management
This course trains students in key areas such as marketing and sales techniques, management skills, merchandising, operations and customer interaction. They are introduced to important and current retail trends, pricing as well as role of information technology in sales and retailing, display stock to promote sales in a retail environment, importance of visual merchandising, centralized and de- centralized labelling as well as organizational and legal requirements.

After completing the training candidates are able to work as an assistant to or as a sales representative and help in achieving sales targets.

The curriculum gives students hands on instructions in different functions related to the operation of hotels and restaurants and other entertainment facilities. On completion of the course, the trainees are able to work as a major contributor in the growing hospitality sector. The course covers topics such as the nature and scope of global hospitality industry, external influences on the hospitality industry, factors influencing the hospitality industry growth, growth of global brands for hospitality industry, accommodation & food-service industry, quality aspects in global hospitality.

MS Office & DTP
This course teaches the student to understand various software used for Desktop Publishing and to create documents with text and graphics like newspaper ads, wedding cards, visiting cards, greeting cards etc. They learn computer fundamentals, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point as well as internet concepts. This course is mainly practice based hence all the classes are conducted in the computer lab. The theory and practice happens simultaneously.

Fashion Technology
During this course, students learn the basics of clothing manufacturing and develop an ability to design menswear, womenswear and children wear. On completion they are able to work with an eye towards future trends and can either work in the industry as designer or set up their own small scale business. They can also join as teachers in educational institutes.

Dress Making Course
The course teaches the trainees to draft Block patterns and develop these into garment patterns, handle special machines/equipment used for cutting stitching & finishing of garments, use economic layout techniques for cutting of cloth from patterns of garment component, cut, stitch and finish garments for ladies, gents & children using different style & feature in vogue.

Garment CuttingCourse
This is a structured course designed to teach the fundamentals of garment cutting & Making. We cover: garment measurement and cutting basics, cutting of garment for children ladies & gents, Introducing to blocks, Basic garment construction, Neck lines & Seems etc.

Apparel MerchandisingCourse
This course is focussed on the commercial aspect of retailing. During the entire course tenure, students learn the theories behind choosing which products to sell in clothing stores and how to effectively attract customers to the store for sales.

Textile Science Course
This course teaches the trainees about classification of textile fiber, general properties of fiber and their applications, basic looms & their structure, different types of weaves, convertion of yarn to fabric etc. After completion of this course, trainees can successfully work in the textil industries and factories in labs and quality departments.

Fashion Illustration Course
This course is carefully designed for students to develop ideas and creative skills through the medium of fashion illustration. They study different methods of drawing and recording work in the context of fashion, and learn conventional and new drawing techniques and develop their creativity through drawing, from concept to completion.

Hand Embroidery Course
This course provides trainees withskill and knowledge in embroidery techniques by hand, treadle sewing machine and automatic machine so that they are able to seek employment in industry as skilled worker. On completion of the course, the trainees are expected to be able to make use of advanced stitches & work styles, make use of different types of threads & develop their own designs, colour schemes and creations.

Pattern making and cutting
This course covers the subject of pattern cutting and the participants have the opportunity to learn patternmaking principles and techniques for the development of basic silhouettes and style adaptations through practical applications and illustrations. Base Styles /Silhouettes to be developed from the provided Basic Blocks include: skirt variations, bodice dart manipulations, a dress and pant style and variety of sleeves.They are given extensive training on how to make efficient usage of fabric.

Garment finishing and checking
This course is aims to develop the skills and knowledge required to ensure proper finishing, packing, pressing, folding, and checking of all garments manufactured in factories on a large scale. After completion of this course students can work in the quality assurance departments of brands, fashion houses and production factories.

Advanced Fashion Designing Course
This course provides an overview and orientation of the fashion industry and an enhanced environment for thinking and learning. It is designed to ensure an advanced understanding of emerging trends, challenges and needs of the industry.The course emphasises on Production, Costing, Marketing and Presentation of Garments besides Fashion Designing. After completion of the course students are able to develop and produce original clothing designs to suit local conditions and trends.


All our technical courses this course starts with safety instruction that must be followed at all times during the course and after completion as well.

GRefrigeration cum AC Repair
This courses trains the students in assembly, fault finding and repair of water coolers, refrigerators, window ACs, split ACs, room coolers and motors. After completion, trainees are sent to workshops as apprentices and eventually placed in full time jobs at various SMEs

GDiploma in civil engineering
This course has been designed to enhance quality and productivity of construction personnel and train them in creating building floor plans according to government rules and directives, assessing material requirement, flooring, insulation, etc. The trainees have theory classes once or twice a week and rest of the days they visit a construction site for exposure to real-time working conditions.

GDiploma in mechanical engineering
This course aims to provide more accessible quality education and training to students and prepares them for techniques, technology and markets. It covers measurement, drilling, filling, grinding and finishing of tools on lathe machine and CNC machine. After completion of the course, all the trainees go for 1 year of paid on-job training.

GDiploma in Electrical Engineering
This course trains students in areas such as- Electrical Machines, Power transmission, Power Systems, Electronics, Circuit Network, Motors, Generators, Electrical Appliances, Microprocessors, Electromagnetism, Signal processors, Sensors. After completion of the course all the trainees are capable of doing house wiring,industrial wiring,fault finding, repair and assembly of electrical appliances like Room heater, geyser, power generator, industrial hand-tools etc.

GElectronics Engineering
This course not only deals with small household electronic goods but also deals with design, manufacturing and maintenance of electronic systems used in large and medium sized industries.It includes but is not limited to fault finding, repair, assembly and installation ofLCD, LED, Television system,measuring instruments and components.