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We have a robust 5-tier plan in place for a holistic development of skills which also includes complete information on entrepreneurship for the ones with a commercial bent of mind.

Classroom training
The classroom training includes all the concepts related to the trade, the focus however, remains on holistic training – which includes not just theory but also several classroom activities. These activities include confidence building workshops, effective communication training, presentations making and delivering skills, soft skills, basic computer usage and other personality development activities to equip the students with vocational skills and also develop essential life skills at the same time.

Practical Training
It is said “The more you practice the better you’ll be, the harder you train the great in you they’ll see” and we couldn’t agree more! We believe that practical training helps students to become adept at their trade. They are given a demo of how to do different tasks and subsequently asked to perform all those tasks till they can do it with a certain level of proficiency.

Our labs are well equipped with latest machinery well in-line with current industry trends and standards and hence are able to start performing with no or little time to adapt once they start working.

Industry Visits
The idea behind arranging industry visit is to make students aware of what is going on in the market in their specific trade. These visits helps students to know about the culture and mode of working in situ and gives them a sneak-peak into what their life is going to be after completing the training should they choose to get a job placement.

We understand that imparting technical knowledge alone is not sufficient for the beneficiaries to be successful at their trade. Hence, we have gone one step further in facilitating apprenticeships for them in various industries in order to get hands-on experience and thereafter provide them with starter kits so that they can seek self-employment as well.

Project Finance
We guide our beneficiaries through the process of obtaining micro-finance through commercial banks and help them translate their skills into income generating activities by setting up of small ventures in collaboration with the with the District Industries Centre, Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation and several other micro-finance institutions.